Competition Manager

Competition Manager is our complete lifecycle management solution for competition events. We developed this application over the course of 5 years to automate the process of the North Carolina Nazarene Teen Talent Festival event. It is a fully customizable solution providing online:

  • Registration
  • Administration
  • Scoring
  • Reporting

The event runs approximately 20 hours from Friday to Saturday afternoon and consists of over 30 church teen groups from around the state of North Carolina totalling around 300 attendees participating in over 100 different events.

With this application we were able to reduce the amount of time spent in handling registration from days to minutes.

On competition day, where time is of the essence, is when the application really provides value. It facilitates the collection and tabulation of scores to determine individual event winners. Finally, when it comes time to determine the overall team winners, what used to take hours to tabulate (and this was not witout a good bit of human error) was reduced to just a few seconds.

The application (when active) can be accessed through the NCNYI web page or directly here.

Check out the screenshots or contact us for more information on pricing and how we might customize the solution for your needs.

Report a problem or contact support here.

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