Pain Logger Lite Sunsetting

In order to streamline our product line and make it easier for us to upgrade and maintain the Pain Logger applications we are in the process of consolidating them. This means that soon, (sometime mid-October we hope), Pain Logger Lite will no longer be available on the app store. Don't worry though, at the same time we are changing our pricing model for Pain Logger (the paid version). After October a slightly limited version of Pain Logger will be available for free with ad support. We have added a ton of new features in Pain Logger and we felt we were doing a disservice to our customers in asking them to choose. Not to mention it was very difficult for us to maintain the two separate code bases. This resulted in fewer updates than we wanted and made it harder for our customers who wanted to, to migrate to the paid version. We are correcting this problem and we ask that you bear with us as we make the change. See our article on Pain Logger, coming soon on what we have in store.


Pain Logger LE 1.9 released

In this version we added the ability to export the data from Pain Logger LE to Pain Logger. We also fixed some usability issues when entering entries manually. If you are interested in exporting your data from Pain Logger LE to Pain Logger, please do not delete Pain Logger LE until you have successfully done the export. Essentially the way this works is you choose the new export option in Pain Logger LE. The app will then copy the data to your device's clipboard. Then you open Pain Logger, choose the pain area you wish to import the entries into, select the properties for that pain area and select the entries option at the bottom of the properties panel. This will give you the action to import the Pain Logger LE entries into the selected pain area. If you have questions about how to use this new feature please don't hesitate to contact our support folks.


Pain Logger 1.9 Released

We fixed a critical bug with Pain Logger that was introduced in version 1.8 that kept the app from making entries in pain areas other than the first one in the list. Also this version supports importing data from Pain Logger LE that you may have accumulated while trying our trial version first. We also fixed issues with the user interface when entering historical data. As always, if you have questions please reach out to our support staff.


Pain Logger 1.6 Released

Pain Logger 1.6 is now available on the Apple app store. Changes in this release are:
  • Added print graph support back to iPad version
  • Fixed an issue where "Include on Graph" was not supported on the iPhone
  • Added additional action when swiping left on a pain area to quickly allow adding or removing that pain area from the graph
  • We now only support iOS8 and above


Pain Logger 1.5 Released

We released Pain Logger 1.5 today to address some reported issues. Specifically:
  • Fixed the graph report when tracking more than eight pain areas
  • Fixed the send feedback functionality
  • Fixed a problem with being able to send email from the app on the iPad
  • Added tracking of the last entered pain level and entry time to make it easier to enter bulk entries


Pain Logger 1.4.1 Released

We have released Pain Logger 1.4.1 to address the previously mentioned iOS 8 issues. We specifically addressed the graph disappearing problem and added a few more bug and stability fixes.


Pain Logger LE Fix Submitted

We have submitted the fix to Pain Logger LE to Apple for review. Expect to see the updates in about a week. We are now working on bringing these fixed to the main Pain Logger application.


TTF 2014 Up And Running!

The Teen Talent Festival system (powered by our very own Competition Manager) for 2014 is up and running! We wish everyone who is competing this year the best.


Pain Logger and iOS8

We have found some issues with Pain Logger and Pain Logger LE in supporting the new version of iOS8. Specifically on the iPhone when going to the graph screen, you see it and then it disappears. We are working on a solution to this. Unfortunately, when developing software, sometimes when you fix one thing you find other problems. That is the case here. Please bare with us as we work to resolve this. We are expecting it to take a couple of more weeks.


Pain Logger 1.4 Released

We have released the latest version of Pain Logger, version 1.4. We fixed some issues with PDF generation, and added the ability to turn off the reminder alert when using the On-Demand mode.