Pain Logger

Pain Logger

If you have ever dealt with chronic pain, you know that the first question your doctor asks is "On a scale of 1 to 10 what has been the most intense pain you have felt?". The problem with this question is, it's hard to answer by the time you acutally see your doctor. Pain Logger solved this problem by prompting you to track your pain intensity level over time for different areas of your body.

Pain Logger allows you to set a recurring alarm to alert you when it is time to make a new pain entry. If you would rather make entries on an as needed basis you can do that as well.

Pain Logger allows you to graph your pain levels over time and to combine different pain entries into one graph so that you can see trends and analyze how a pain in one area may affect a pain in a different area.

Pain Logger allows you to print your entries or graphs so you can give them to your doctor. You can also email them right from your device.

Pain Logger is your one stop shop to track and manage your pain issues. It is a simple and essential tool in your pain management strategy.

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Pain Logger 1.5 is available today!
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