Custom solutions to meet specific needs

Pain Logger
Personal pain level logging app for you understand your pain
Track your pain levels
Graph your pain over time
Log multiple pain areas
Competition Manager
Automated registration and management for the annual NCNYI competition
Competitor registration
Evaluation and score sheets
Detailed results reporting
Habit tracking app for standalone use or with your bullet journal
Track daily habits and goals
See monthly progress
Customizable schedules


Complete one-stop shop providing expertise for all application tiers.

iOS App Development
I build custom apps to solve my customer's specific needs
Use latest technologies
Maintainable code
5+ years of experience
Web Client Solutions
I build front end web applications
Primarily focused on React based solutions
Fully experienced in latest JavaScript tech
10+ year of experience
Server Solutions
I build server solutions to support my client applications.
Specializing in Ruby on Rails
All solutions run in container environments on self managed servers
20+ years of experience

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